How can you be sure that the string
quartet you're hiring is the best available?
When considering another professional quartet, just do this one simple thing:
Ask the String Quartet if they ever double book, or even triple or quadruple
book performance dates.

Why is this important? Because some quartets, and very good quartets at that,
are more concerned with profits than the excellence of their artistry. As such,
they will book two or more performances at the same time for a marked up price
and hire substitutes to fill out their group. You might get one or two actual
members of the quartet and end up with an ensemble that might have never
even played together before. They may all be excellent musicians, but they will
lack the magic of a close-knit group that rehearses together regularly. This is
particularly a problem on high demand days, such as Saturdays in June etc.
We guarantee that we will never double book
a performance. The occasional substitution
may sometimes be unavoidable, but we are
dedicated to making sure you will get the
quartet at our very best. If we are already
contracted for a particular date/time, rather
than sacrificing the integrity of our music, we
will refer you to another competent group.   
All members of our String Quartet are educated professionals,
experienced in all aspects of performing. We truly love this music and
are dedicated to making it the best we can. Our regular rehearsals are
focused on repertoire for weddings and parties, and especially recitals
showcasing the great string quartet masterpieces.

Click here for video of our latest recital and
info on the next one.